Throne of Eldraine
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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Adrian Sullivan

    33 Mountains: An All-Red Team Unified Standard

    Adrian explains how it's possible to for every member of his Unified Standard team can play Red!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Standard Red Revisions

    Adrian Waxes poetic about Torbran in Standard Red and the ways the deck is changing!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The Opposite Ends of Standard

    Adrian is being pulled in two different directions in Standard. See what decks he's looking at for the new format!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Of Dragons, Gods, and Faerie Tales

    With Teferi, Hero of Dominaria out of the picture, Adrian thinks it may be time for Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God to shine!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The Throne of Eldraine Red Review

    Adrian brings the heat, breaking down the new Red cards from Throne of Eldraine in this edition of The Red Review!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    A Rainbow of Throne Modern Cards

    Adrian highlights a Throne of Eldraine card he's excited about for Modern in each color!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Lessons from The Rack

    Adrian took in some feedback and is here to talk about what he's learned about The Rack in Modern!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Racking Modern

    Adrian sees the recent bannings as the perfect opportunity for Eight Rack to make a comeback!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The 2019 Hall of Fame, By the Numbers

    Adrian pours over the data to get figure out his votes for this year's class of the Magic Hall of Fame!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Modern Horizons and Death and Taxes

    Adrian falls back on an old favorite and sees how Modern Horizons has changed it in Legacy!