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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Carrie Oliver

    This Is Goodbye

    Carries shares a heartfelt goodbye, but not before sharing her current Standard weapon of choice!
  • Carrie Oliver

    Planeswalker Points: A Player’s Perspective

    Carrie shares her unique perspective about organized play, the grind, and what Planeswalker Points mean to her dream.
  • Carrie Oliver

    What’s Hot in Block?

    Carrie looks over Innistrad Block constructed and comes up with a number of deck lists.
  • Carrie Oliver

    Learning Legacy

    Carrie Oliver's relative lack of knowledge of Magic really hampers her in Legacy, here she explores the lessons learned in her first Legacy event.
  • Carrie Oliver

    Discussing Innistrad Sealed

    "Magic: The Gathering is a game of questions and answers," is how Carrie opens this article that explores Innistrad Sealed and more.
  • Carrie Oliver

    Out in Milan, Up in FNM

    Carrie Oliver traveled to Milan, battling her way to day two. She gives her discussion on what happened before sharing her current Standard list.
  • Carrie Oliver


    Carrie explores drafting for Innistrad, one of the most complex draft environments we've played in the recent years.
  • Carrie Oliver

    I Like to Pod!

    Carrie Oliver won her local FNM with her new Standard deck and she figures out how to modify it for the new Standard.
  • Carrie Oliver

    Limited Information – Innistrad

    Carrie takes a look at Innistrad limited and picks out her top five non-rare cards in each color.
  • Carrie Oliver

    Pro Tour Adventures

    Carrie steps back from the competitive tables and instead discusses stories from her travels over the past few months.
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