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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Devon Rule

    Sydri, Life, and Deathtouch

    Devon and Sydri are sending machines into battle in Devon's latest Commander brew.
  • Devon Rule

    Commander 2013: The Next Generation

    What's really worth its weight in Commander (2013 Edition)? Devon from the Rules Committee breaks it down.
  • Devon Rule

    Cardboard Spotlight: Sun Titan

    Devon's latest series brings us an abject lesson in building synergy for any deck.
  • Devon Rule

    Commander Boogeymen

    When the best is the worst there's an issue afoot for Commander. Devon's on the scene.
  • Devon Rule

    A Dual History

    The newest member of the Commander Rules Committee is Devon! This is his story of getting there.
  • Devon Rule

    Three Decks

    Three different decks for three different purposes. Devon has something for the casual and competitive Commander!
  • Devon Rule

    Life and Death: The Wonder Twins

    Getting down and dirty with the Golgari is always a good idea. Devon shares how he uses both Golgari commanders for one wicked way to win!
  • Devon Rule

    The Saga of Teneb

    The banning of Primeval Titan may force Teneb to Change, but this friendship was built to last!
  • Devon Rule

    Law Incarnate

    Ready to rock with a new Commander from Return to Ravnica? Devon shares how to make it happen!
  • Devon Rule

    Angel of Serenity

    Another week closer to Return to Ravnica, another sweet preview to see! Meet Angel of Serenity!
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