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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jay Annelli

    Preparing for the Forgotten Realms

    The lore for Dungeons and Dragons's Forgotten Realms runs deep. Jay attempts to scratch the surface!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Great Phyrexian Update

    The advent of the Phyrexian creature type, and the subsequent update, has left Jay with some questions!
  • Jay Annelli

    Modern Horizons 2 Flavor Gems

    Much like the original, Modern Horizons 2 is bursting at the seams with flavor deep cuts from Magic's past!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Legends of Modern Horizons 2

    Modern Horizons 2 is packed with legends old and new, and Jay is here to tell you all about them!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Blackblade-Dihada War

    Dakkon Blackblade's appearance on the Modern Horizons 2 packaging inspires Jay to tell his story!
  • Jay Annelli

    Elders Revisited

    With a new cycle of Elder Dragons making their debut, it's high time Jay gave an Elder refresher!
  • Jay Annelli

    Flavor Gems of Strixhaven

    Strixhaven is a thoroughly top-down set design, so you know it is packed with juicy flavor gems!
  • Jay Annelli

    Catching Up: Ikoria, Lukka, and Vivien Reid

    Jay runs through the events of Sundered Bond to catch us up with Lukka going into Strixhaven!
  • Jay Annelli

    Catching Up with the Kenriths

    Let's catch up with Will and Rowan Kenrith before their return in Strixhaven!
  • Jay Annelli

    Universes Beyond: Crossovers Revisited

    What does the future of Magic look like as it announces more and more IP Crossovers?
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