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  • Guilds of Ravnica Modern Highlights

    Jeff Hoogland takes an early look at which cards from Guilds of Ravnica are likely to make it in Modern!
  • The New Rock

    Jeff wants to let it rock with a new card spoiled from Guilds of Ravnica!
  • Stream Gems: Mardu Pyro, Abzan Loam, and U/B Fae

    Jeff has another batch of sweet Modern decklists from his stream, complete with sideboarding guides!
  • Don't Metagame Modern

    Modern is a diverse format, and that's exactly why Jeff thinks you shouldn't try to metagame it!
  • Stream Gems: Elves, Temur Kiki, and Jeskai Thing Ascension

    Jeff highlights more decks from his stream, including sideboard guides for common matchups!
  • Modern Banlist Talk

    Another Banned and Restricted List Update will soon be upon us, and Jeff once again has thoughts on what Modern needs to thrive!
  • U/R Tempo Primer

    Fresh off his undefeated run in the SCG Modern Open in Indianapolis, Jeff breaks down his U/R Tempo list!
  • Stream Gems

    Jeff takes a deeper dive on viewer-requested Modern decks from his stream!
  • Exploring Modern Fae

    Jeff revisits his favorite creature to see if it still has the chops to compete in Modern!
  • Legacy Starting Points

    With two fresh bans in Legacy, Jeff gives his views on the new starting points for the format!