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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jeremy Blair

    Commanding Planeswalkers, Part 3

    Jace, Karn and Koth form up the three planeswalkers under Jeremy's Commander scope this week.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Commanding Planeswalkers, Part 2

    Jeremy's back with another look at planeswalkers in Commander, this week it's Garruk and Gideon. Are you fully utilizing these two bruisers?
  • Jeremy Blair

    Commanding Planeswalkers, Part 1

    Here's Jeremy a few days late, but he kicks off a new series exploring Planeswalkers in Commander.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Innistrad’s Impact on Commander, Part 2

    Continuing last week's series examining Innistrad and Commander, Jeremy looks color by color and gives more tips.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Innistrad’s Impact on Commander, Part 1

    Rotations tend to benefit the casual formats as prices dip when the cards exit Standard, and along with that Jeremy peeks at other offerings from Innistrad.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Innistrad’s Commanders

    The Innistrad set release is creeping up on Magic players. This weekend marked the passing of the prerelease for the latest set, and Commander is on Jeremy's mind.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Response to Commander Bannings

    Jeremy returns with his second article of the week, this one written in response to Monday's changes to the Commander banned list and rules.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Challenging Commander’s Banned List

    Jeremy intends to step on some toes and share his thoughts on the state of Commander as a format.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Commander Sleepers

    Jeremy looks at some cards that appear to be overlooked in the Commander community and might be financially under the radar.
  • Jeremy Blair

    Breaking Bad: Commander Confessional

    Jeremy Blair comes back for another look at his Commander formula, the rough guide which can be used to build a Commander deck.
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