Kaldheim Limited Set Review with MTG Nerd Girl
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  • Josh Silvestri

    Back to Esper Control

    From Esper to Blue-White and back again. Find out why Esper is the best control deck in Standard.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Standard Online

    Josh ran the numbers, you reap the benefits. What's are the top decks Standard decks on Magic Online?
  • Josh Silvestri

    Blight on Standard

    How will Born of the Gods shake up Standard? Josh shares some of his favorite deck lists for the new Standard.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Evolution of Mono-Black Control

    Can Mono-Black keep up with the Standard metagame? Josh looks at some possible variations.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Red Dead Redemption

    Is red really dead in Standard? Josh shares what really matters if you're playing Mountains.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Evaluating New Cards

    How can you tell how good new cards are? It's all about context, and Josh is ready to share his secrets.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Standard Theros Glimpses

    Will you be ready for FNM this Friday? Josh has a few decks you need to know today.
  • Josh Silvestri

    The Mailbag

    Josh returns after a while with answering some questions concerning Birthing Pod and more.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Innistrad in a Nutshell

    Josh Silvestri tosses in his thoughts on what Innistrad brings to Standard and how it will define the format and affect the decks that are out there.
  • Josh Silvestri

    Standard: The Old Guard and the New Guard

    Josh Silvestri is back with a look at the new decks of Standard alongside some of the old ones,
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