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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Michael Yee

    Pile and Return

    Necromancer's Stockpile will be broken in Standard someday. Michael takes his shot now.
  • Michael Yee

    Mono-Green Machine

    Mean and green is better than ever thanks to Magic 2015. Michael has the deck to prove it.
  • Michael Yee

    Ajani's Legion

    Who doesn't want to play Nyx-Fleece Ram for fun and profit? Michael's back to show you how.
  • Michael Yee

    Shoot for the Stars

    Michael's excited about a deck, but it's just more Standard Junk.
  • Michael Yee

    I Sac, You Sac

    Ready to dabble in wanton carnage? Michael dives into the power of Dictate of Erebos.
  • Michael Yee

    Big Threats Beating Removal

    A plethora of tough creatures makes Michael's Standard deck the king of monsters.
  • Michael Yee

    No Guts, No Glory

    There's more than one kind of hero. This week Michael explores three heroic color combinations.
  • Michael Yee

    Weather the Storm

    Join Michael Yee as he invokes the power of Keranos. Will your opponents be able to weather the storm?
  • Michael Yee

    Gain Life, Draw Cards, Grow Creatures

    Forget Mana Confluence. Find out why Nyx-Fleece Ram may be the next big thing with Michael Yee.
  • Michael Yee

    The Forest Is Calling

    Is Mono-Green ready for a Standard comeback? Michael thinks so!
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