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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Rada Rudyak

    Be Kind

    Rada wants to talk about a problem with Magic Online that has nothing to do with its software.
  • Rada Rudyak

    To Read or To Force – A Drafting Quandary

    How long do you wait before moving in on an archetype? Rada shares some of her experiences with Gatecrash limited.
  • Rada Rudyak

    The Gates Come Down: Gatecrash Prerelease Primer

    Choosing your guild for the Prerelease? Rada has a few tips to keep in mind.
  • Rada Rudyak

    Constructed Courage

    When did you start playing Standard? Why? Rada has been making the jump to non-Limited Magic, but finds a deeper struggle than acquiring cards. How did you overcome your intellectual barriers?
  • Rada Rudyak

    The Science of LEGO Robots

    The best thing about Lego is how they can be used to build anything. As Rada shares today, we can do just that with our drafts!
  • Rada Rudyak

    That Extra Card

    Going first is generally accepted as best, except for when you want to be second. When is this, and why is it more complicated than you might think? Rada's breakdown will make the answers all too clear!
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