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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Wilson

    Hornet Volley

    Unleash the power of your Hornet Nest with Andrew's wild way to deal death by a thousand stings.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Yisan Stairwell

    The more you activate Yisan the more you'll love Andrew's latest Commander deck.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Legend of the Polymorphist

    Jalira isn't a wallflower. Andrew unlocks the power of tribal Blue with a token twist.
  • Andrew Wilson

    The Brood and the Nightmare

    Crack a few eggs and cook up Andrew's latest combo, using Magic 2015's Brood Keeper.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Generator Storm

    Generator Servant can let you do anything, and Andrew has the broken deck to prove it.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Soul Skirge

    Soul of Innistrad wasn't broken, at least not until Andrew got his hands on it.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Ceta Madness

    Madness? This is another aggressive, new combo deck from Andrew!
  • Andrew Wilson

    Treasonous Children

    If you think you know wild Legacy combos, Andrew shares a new one that trades life for value and victory.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Architect's Alarm

    Muzzio is more than Commander fodder. Andrew explains how the Visionary Architect can truly break the game.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Spreading Squid

    What does Magic 2015 and Fallen Empires have in common? Andrew shows you with a token-packed decklist.
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