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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Darwin Kastle

    Examining Red Deck Wins in Standard

    Darwin Kastle explores Red Deck Wins in Standard, he explains the inner workings of the RDW archetype and evaluates it in today's Standard.
  • Darwin Kastle

    Going Tribal

    This week Darwin Kastle looks at some of the top tribes in Standard and identifies potential builds worth exploring.
  • Darwin Kastle

    Curving Out: Creatures in Innistrad Draft

    Darwin examines the creatures in Innistrad, ranking the best at each mana drop for limited play.
  • Darwin Kastle

    Building with Innistrad

    Due to the feedback and response to last week's article Darwin skips his Part 2 on Dating and delves into Innistrad.
  • Darwin Kastle

    Dating and Magic

    Darwin talks about how the birds and the bees, and how those bees can get the birds' attention - so long as they play Magic.
  • Darwin Kastle

    M12 MVPs

    Darwin takes a look at M12 limited, highlighting specific cards in each color that are his MVPs for limited and drafting.
  • Darwin Kastle

    Drafting M12 Like a Pro

    Darwin Kastle had to improve his M12 drafting for Pro Tour Philly, today he shares the lessons he learned during that preparation.
  • Darwin Kastle

    TCGPlayer $75K Top 8

    Darwin Kastle shares his Top 8 experience at the TCGPlayer $75k Open tournament a few weeks ago.
  • Darwin Kastle

    High-Level Learning: My U.S. Nats., Part 2

    Darwin Kastle concludes his two part series reviewing the lessons learned at this year's US Nationals.
  • Darwin Kastle

    High-Level Learning: My U.S. Nats., Part 1

    Darwin Kastle shares the hard as tacks lessons you need to hear about high level competitive play, using his experiences from US Nationals as the setting.
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