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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • A. E. Marling

    Grief-Free Elementals

    Beat the new Modern menace of Troll King with Elementals!
  • A. E. Marling

    Subtlety or Brutality?

    The new incarnation Subtlety is the perfect card for Modern Living End!
  • A. E. Marling

    Grief Loves Ephemerate

    Grief is definitely going to be a healthy part of the new Modern format!
  • A. E. Marling

    Dakkon for Oathbreaker

    Thank you, Wizards, for printing a card specifically for Oathbreaker!
  • A. E. Marling

    The Patient Professor

    Professor Ruxa says: "Keep it simple or maul your opponents with tokens!"
  • A. E. Marling

    Veyran's Spectacular Spellcasting

    Your spellcasting will be even more spectacular with your efreet mentor, Veyran!
  • A. E. Marling

    Oathbreaker Sacrifice

    Build an Oathbreaker deck around the Mystic Archive!
  • A. E. Marling

    Dragon's Casual Approach

    Sizzle your opponents in Oathbreaker over and over with Dragon’s Approach!
  • A. E. Marling

    Commanding Breena, the Demagogue

    Commander is a game of politics, one you’ll win with Breena!
  • A. E. Marling

    Gyome, Master Chef

    Serve up powerful creatures and sustain them with fare from a troll warlock!
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