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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • guest

    Standard Revelations

    Where do you start looking for Magic 2014 Standard? Max has a few decks ripe for Core Set innovation.
  • guest

    RG Land Destruction

    This time on Playing on a Budget: get ready to slime your opponents with MJ Conroy's take on RG Land Destruction.
  • guest

    Building Multicolored Mana Bases in DGR Limited

    If you've found mana trickier in Draft and Sealed recently, Danny has a simple system to help you sort it out.
  • guest

    Undervalued Picks in Gatecrash

    Will that card really come back? Make the most of your draft picks with Kyle's advice.
  • guest

    A Judge's Advice for Competitive Events

    Judges want you to play. Take some advice to stay on the right side of Magic law.
  • guest

    The Gold Standard Updated

    Getting excited for the new Standard? Guest author Chris Henderson shares some starting points to build! What will you create?
  • guest

    Duels of the iPad 2013

    How does the iPad version of Duels of the Planeswalkers stand up to the rest of the series? Dave Astels, an iOS developer, takes a look and gives you the scoop!
  • guest

    Grand Prix Minneapolis Report – 8th

    One judge. Zero byes. A deck borrowed at the last minute. Jerret Schultz pulled an incredible run to make the Top 8 playing Standard at Grand Prix Minneapolis. See how he made it deep into the money before you next event!
  • guest

    Grand Prix: Minneapolis – Average Joe Cashes

    Glory. Prestige. Winnings. Kyle Engleson gained a little of all three through the gauntlet of a Grand Prix. If you're playing Standard soon, his deck was good enough to take him through to the money in Minneapolis!
  • guest

    Miraculous Framing!

    The miracle mechanic has heralded a new card frame, but it wasn't the first mechanic to do so. Ben Olsen sifts through the history of the face of Magic!
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