New Player Series - Cardfight Vanguard Playmat
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  • Interlude of the Soul

    New Shadows Over Innistrad cards were spoiled in Blessed vs Cursed and it's time to brew!
  • Brutal Backlash

    You do it to yourself, that's why it really hurts. Check out Andrew's latest brew!
  • A Haunted Matter

    Andrew reshapes matter and combines just the right cards to go infinite!
  • Kazuul's Ceaseless Tolls

    Kazuul's toll must be paid! this sweet new casual brew from Andrew.
  • Dread Mimic

    Mimic Eldrazi, gorge on souls, and eat days in this sweet casual brew!
  • Drana's Alarm

    The alarm has been tripped! Intruder alert! Ally Combo is on the premises!
  • Nightscape Deceiver

    Deceiver of Form is coming and Andrew's ready with a new brew!
  • Parallax Processors

    Andrew discovers Eldrazi Processors may exist in a Parallax universe.
  • Gift of Synergy

    This week Andrew takes the Wizards gifts of years past to create a new present for opponents today.
  • Tentacle Battle Rage

    Andrew can't wait to begin crushing opponents with tentacles. This is the combo that will make it happen.