Darkest Hour
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  • First Look at Core Set 2020 Standard

    Mike Flores takes an early look at Core Set 2020 Standard, and everything's coming up Risen Reef!
  • Five Decks for the New Modern World

    Catering to the whims of the people, Danny talks about five sweet three-color decks for Modern!
  • The State of Pauper: Old Classics

    With the Pauper Premiere League starting this week, Kendra takes some time to start breaking down the new metagame!
  • Gate-Shift Combo in Standard

    Jim ventures into the early waters of Core Set 2020 Standard with a sweet Gate-Shift brew!
  • Rudy's Temur Elementals

    Elementals have impressed Rudy in the new Standard format, so he decides to give the deck a chance!
  • Let it Snow: Building Heidar, Rimewind Master

    Stephen decides to have a snow day, building around a Coldsnap legend thanks to the influx of new Snow cards from Modern Horizons!
  • Oathbreaker from Beyond the Sea

    A. E. Marling spins a tale of Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner using the medium of an Oathbreaker deck!
  • Ten New Core Set 2020 Standard Brews

    The time has come for Jim to venture into the unknown waters of Core Set 2020 Standard with ten new brews!
  • Chandra Brews

    Adrian builds some sweet Standard brews around the newest iterations of everyone's favorite pyromancer!
  • Core Set 2020 Cube Review

    Usman scours Core Set 2020 for the best Cube playables in his latest review!