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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Wilson

    Beastcaller Pranksters

    Andrew's latest combo relies on a fast Ally and works on your opponents' turns.
  • Andrew Wilson

    The Deadbridge Experience

    Andrew repeats himself until Meren of Clan Nel Toth pays off in spades for your opponents.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Miracle Overload

    Andrew had an idea burning a hole in his head. This is the hot result.
  • Andrew Wilson


    Join Andrew as he creates some Clone-fueled combo goodness using Commander 2015 cards.
  • Andrew Wilson


    Commander 2015 previews are upon us and Andrew is already brewing up a storm. Find out what Blade of Selves can do.
  • Andrew Wilson


    Bring on the cats! Join Andrew as he builds a Tribal aggro deck featuring one of Magic's cutest tribes.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Awakened Intruders

    Join Andrew as he awakens lands and combos off with this alarming Modern brew.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Enduring Exploitation

    Endurance, exploitation, and inevitability. You can have it all with Andrew's latest, graveyard-centric Modern brew.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Infinite Alignment

    Andrew's latest Battle for Zendikar combo doesn't just take perfect alignment, it gives it to you too.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Shepherd & Cartographer

    Andrew's latest combo used a Battle for Zendikar Shepherd that's anything by plain.
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