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  • Convertible Commander: Emmara, Soul of the Accord

    Mark builds around a smaller commander with a less-focused approach in this week's Convertible Commander!
  • Karn Loves You

    Abe shows off our sweet, sweet preview card for War of the Spark!
  • Don't Play This Deck

    Mike breaks down all the things he hated about his most recent foray into Legacy!
  • Attacking Faithless Looting Decks with Tron

    Jim fights back against Faithless Looting without giving ground to the rest of Modern!
  • A Trip Down Ravnica Lane

    Rudy digs through Standard from our last Return to Ravnica to find some potential reprints for current Standard!
  • Preparing for War: Atraxa Spotlight

    Stephen's preparation for War of the Spark culminates in showing off a list for the ultimate planeswalkers commander: Atraxa!
  • Band-Aids for Birds

    Bruce Richard bands together with his birds for an unconventional Commander build!
  • The GP Kyoto Niv-Mizzet Top 8

    Recent results cause Adrian to revisit his darling deck: Jeskai Hybrid Control!
  • Jund Midrange Best of Three

    Ali gets ready to Jund his opponents out with this sweet Standard take on the mainstay archetype!
  • Mythic Invitational Preview

    In anticipation of the Mythic Invitational, Jim shows off some of the potential decks that could take down the competition!