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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Chingsung Chang

    The Nature of Time

    Have you ever felt as though time conspired against you? Chingsung's discussion on time in Magic, through the lens of Chess theory, will put the clock in your corner!
  • Chingsung Chang

    Velocity Revisited

    What is "velocity" in Magic? Chingsung revists the principle shared originally by Mike Flores, putting it into modern context. You can begin taking the next steps to deeper understanding today!
  • Chingsung Chang

    Learning Through Brewing

    With the variety of decks available in Standard now, Chingsung believes crafting your own can be more rewarding than you might think. Check out his sweet update to the classic red-white Boat Brew!
  • Chingsung Chang

    The Problem with the Philosophy of Fire

    The Philosophy of Fire is a piece of Magic theory that has been around for more than a decade. Chingsung shares an analysis on why it should stay in the past!
  • Chingsung Chang

    How Jonny Magic Punted the Pro Tour

    It was the Game 5 of the weekend: Brian Kibler beating Jon Finkel on the back of maneuvered triple Galvanic Blast. Chingsung thinks Jon did it all wrong, but from angle you haven't seen yet.
  • Chingsung Chang

    Decisions and Magic – Why Blue is Best

    While the weekend was won on the back of green and red, its blue that holds the title of "best" color. Chingsung walks through the history, and current state, of the most powerful color in Magic!
  • Chingsung Chang

    Looking at Dark Ascension, Part 2

    While the initial results roll in, there's going to be plenty of room to innovate in Standard. Chingsung puts his faith in the Pod people and some Vengeance to shake things up!
  • Chingsung Chang

    Looking at Dark Ascension

    Brewing decks is a tried and true result of set releases. Chingsung's been scouting the cards, and has a few spicy ideas to share!
  • Chingsung Chang

    The Cost of Drawing Cards

    Chingsung challenges, and explains, his perspective on card draw and the efficiency you want to be doing it at! Don't miss this great dive to help you look at your deck a little differently!
  • Chingsung Chang

    Controlling Game Flow – Magic's Paradox

    Chingsung continues his ongoing analysis, breaking down even more on mana manipulation, and how you can dominate games through non-interactivity. (Yes, it's pretty cool!)
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