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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Christopher Walton

    A Timely Response

    Christopher Walton goes for a deep, though not necessarily timely, response to a video.
  • Christopher Walton

    The End of Deckcheck.net

    Christopher talks about why the loss of DeckCheck.net is a such big one for the Magic community.
  • Christopher Walton

    A Legacy Player's States Report (11th)

    Christopher Walton is back; this week he shares a deep insight into his battle wielding UW Control at States.
  • Christopher Walton

    A Lesson in Humility

    Christopher Walton wants to educate you on one of his favorite cards in Magic.
  • Christopher Walton

    Analyzing the Legacy Format to Build Control

    Christopher discusses his testing and what conclusions he drew from it.
  • Christopher Walton

    Examining the Legacy Banned List

    Chris takes a look at the cards that Legacy won't let you play and why they're there.
  • Christopher Walton

    Legacy on the Cheap

    Chris looks at a few Legacy lists which are competitive while on a budget.
  • Christopher Walton

    [Legacy] The Old Deck

    Christopher shares more excellent insight into Legacy this week with lists and tournament result analysis.
  • Christopher Walton

    [Legacy] The New Deck

    Christopher Walton reviews some new Legacy decks for the GP Lull.
  • Christopher Walton

    [Legacy] GP Columbus Report - 41st!

    Placing 41st at the US Legacy event of the year, here is his story.
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