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  • Aurelia's Angelic Army

    Despite Boros not being the best of the bunch in Commander, Bruce Richard can't help but love the aggressive color combo!
  • Guilds of Ravnica: The Freerelease that Was

    The Prerelease that Wasn't has a happy ending as Bruce talks about the Freerelease that Was!
  • Countdown

    Bruce introduces a multiplayer Magic variant that changes things up without requiring players to build new decks!
  • Keeping a Peaceful Graveyard

    Bruce has some tips and some favorite cards to keep your opponents' graveyards under control in Commander!
  • Guilds of Ravnica: The Prerelease that Wasn't

    Bruce tells the story of a struggle with the WPN, and a Prerelease that never was.
  • Etrata, the Puzzle Solver

    Etrata raises some interesting problems as a Commander, so Bruce thinks a 60-card deck could be a better home!
  • Commander Multi-Tool

    Bruce Richard is back and raring to talk about how his build for a Brawl deck that doubles as a Commander deck!
  • Ironroot Chef: Battle Void Winnower

    It's Bruce versus Ant versus Eldrazi in this week's Ironroot Chef showdown.
  • Great Magic Writing of the Week

    Khans, Eternal Weekend, and Feldon. This is some of the best Magic writing of the week.
  • Great Magic Writing of the Week

    Pro Tours, States, and a Revolution. This is some of the best Magic writing this week has to offer.