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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Ant Tessitore

    Dragons of Tarkir

    Ant is dreaming of the triumphant return of Dragons to the plane of Tarkir.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Comedic Flavor

    Funny and flavor text don't meet as often as they did. Ant things that all needs to change.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Steady Progress

    Ant tells the tale of Alcanus, a Vedalken scientist whose research has turned up a strange slick of oil.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Crafting a Better Narrative

    Crafting narrative out of Magic cards? Ant shares what we've learned about creative and gameplay.
  • Ant Tessitore

    MTG History Cube

    More than 20 years of Magic. Over 1,300 cards. This is Ant's Magic History Cube.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Perilous Flavor

    Many serpents. Two perspectives. What happens when Vorthos and Melvin clash?
  • Ant Tessitore

    The Melthos Mentality

    Form meets function. This is the Melthos mentality at deckbuilding work.
  • Ant Tessitore

    When Melvin Met Vorthos

    What happens when a quirky rules lover meets a fanciful idealist? Ant shares a love story for the Magic ages.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Anthropomorphism in Magic

    Leonin is to Cat as Ainok is to Hound. Why not Viashino to Lizard? Ant explores one of Magic's creative mysteries.
  • Ant Tessitore

    We Make the Plane, Week 10 & The Planeswalker's Guide to Somnia

    The plane the community built is finally here. It's time to meet Somnia.
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