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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Ben McDole

    Rainbow Stairwell - I'll Take Mine Monocolored Please

    Ben continues to discuss Rainbow Stairwell, this week opting for an unusual deck nearly guaranteed not to suffer mana screw.
  • Ben McDole

    Rainbow Stairwell Explored

    Ben takes a break from EDH to introduce Rainbow Stairwell, another casual format with some strict deckbuilding limitations.
  • Ben McDole

    EDH Deck Layer 1/Layer 2

    Ben introduces a new EDH deck around Sakashima, the Impostor, based around two layer based rules.
  • Ben McDole

    Progenitus Revisited (it races Baneslayer)

    Ben McDole is back to issue some justice and revisit his pet EDH deck, Progenitus.
  • Ben McDole

    Puerto Rico States: A judge's journey to paradise

    Ben oversaw the States tournament in Puerto Rico this past weekend and he's here to share his story.
  • Ben McDole

    Ninjas: Sissy Pirates

    Ben gives us part 2 of his April Fools day remake, giving us the Ninja EDH deck we've always wanted.
  • Ben McDole

    pIRATE! The deck

    Ben was feeling rather pirate-y and took the joke Pirate deck Wizards released back in April to convert it into a crazy fun EDH deck.
  • Ben McDole

    Ben's Smash into the Red Zone

    Ben shares a five color deck built to smash face and swing hard into the red zone.
  • Ben McDole

    Our Social Contracts

    Ben discusses the social contracts players live by and announces the winner of his signature line contest.
  • Ben McDole

    Ben Pilots Progenitus in EDH

    Ben returns after two weeks with an article detailing a Progenitus EDH deck ripe for the awesome-ness and he introduces a contest!
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