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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jarvis Yu

    Exploring Control Decks for Grand Prix Miami

    Looking to cast Sphinx's Revelation in Miami? Jarvis runs down a few decks you could choose.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Modern Masters Draft Analyses

    Jarvis is joined by the indomitable Ari Lax on a Draft adventure though Modern Masters.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Legacy's Future

    What's new in Legacy, and where is it going next? Jarvis shares the decks you'll find at your next event.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Deck-Building, From Idea to Finish

    Jarvis is gearing up for Dragon's Maze Standard with a Progenitor Mimic brew. Check out the evolution of the deck and try it out!
  • Jarvis Yu

    Anatomy and History of Stoneforge

    Where did Stoneforge come from, and where is it going? Jarvis looks back over the Legacy staple to show you its future.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Invitational Playtesting with Reid

    Jarvis is back battling Reid Duke again, this time in Standard before last weekend's Invitational.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Interview with Andrew Shrout

    What's up with Prime Speaker Zegana and Bant in Standard? Jarvis interviews MOCS competitor Andrew Shrout.
  • Jarvis Yu

    New Decks in Standard and Modern

    Amulet of Vigor and Prime Speaker Zegana aren't the usual suspects. Jarvis has a few new decks you should consider this weekend.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Wolf Run Bant

    Take a look inside Standard testing as Jarvis battles Reid Duke with his GP Quebec City Top 8 Jund deck.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Standard Results and Mana Curve

    Gatecrash standard is all about curving out. Are you ready to get aggressive? Jarvis is.
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