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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Unearthed Secrets

    Uncover the clues as Ertai's Lament improves another Shadows over Innistrad Preconstructed Deck!
  • Jay Kirkman

    A Mystery Solved

    A unique and strange card emerges. Where did it come from? Ertai's Lament is here to solve the mystery!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Horrific Visions

    This week Ertai's Meddling stitches together a decent deck from a rough start!
  • Jay Kirkman

    RIP Intro Packs

    Intro Packs are leaving us for the first time since their debut over 20 years ago. Jay has some thoughts!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Ghostly Tide

    Get into the spirit as Ertai's Lament looks at the Ghostly Tide Intro Deck from Shadows over Innistrad!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Angelic Fury

    How do you fix a bad Intro Deck? Ertai's Lament is here to help!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Vampiric Thirst

    Ertai's Meddling returns to Gathering Magic as he reviews the Vampiric Thirst Intro Deck!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Gruul Siege

    Get your Gruul clan going with Jay's update to the Dragon's Maze preconstructed deck.
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Azorius Authority

    The Azorius Senate does will not tolerate opposition; those who stand against it will quickly find themselves in permanent detention.
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Rakdos Revelry

    Wreaking havoc like the Rakdos Cultists is no simple feat. Jay lays out the tools you need to party with Rakdos.
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