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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Usman Jamil

    Cubing with Usman #3: Holiday Cube

    Join Usman as he cubes the day away and buries his opponents in value with powerful Planeswalkers.
  • Usman Jamil

    Cube Review: Magic Origins

    What will make it into your cube from Magic Origins? Usman breaks down the real winners coming this week.
  • Usman Jamil

    Cube Expansion Pack

    Choosing cards to try in your cube is easy. Usman shows you how.
  • Usman Jamil

    Dragons of Tarkir Cube Review

    Prepare your cubes: Usman runs down the best and the rest for them coming in Dragons of Tarkir.
  • Usman Jamil

    Cubing with Usman: Legacy Cube #2

    Dive into value as Usman takes another trip through the Magic Online Legacy Cube.
  • Usman Jamil

    Fate Reforged Cube Review

    Dragons, delve, and dash are just the beginning. Find out which Fate Reforged cards may manifest in a Cube near you.
  • Usman Jamil

    Cubing with Usman #1: Legacy Cube

    The Legacy Cube is a boatload of fun. Usman dives in with a draft that takes him out of control.
  • Usman Jamil

    Commander 2014 Cube Review

    The Commander 2014 craze comes to cube! Usman shares his picks from the new set.
  • Usman Jamil

    Khans for Cube

    What does Khans have to offer for your favorite 40-card format of choice? Usman breaks down cubing with Khans.
  • Usman Jamil

    Magic 2015 Cube Review

    What are the cards that really matter for cubes in Magic 2015? Usman breaks down just what you need to know.
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