Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Silent Nyx

    A fleece-powered army of enchanting doom? Andrew's latest Magic Origins deck is one that surprises everyone.
  • Starfield Grove

    Magic Origins has left Andrew with stars in his eyes. Join him as he tries to find out just how powerful Starfield of Nyx can be.
  • Tainted Cutters

    There's a Tainted Remedy to fix the False Cure you used before. Andrew shows you how to apply it to everyone.
  • Infinite Tutelage

    Origins brings the Tutelage of the Sphinx. Andrew shares the infinite he's already learned.
  • Madness and Avarice

    Avaricious Dragon is coming in Magic Origins. Andrew has the first combo that will take flight with it.
  • Deadly Force

    Deadly wanderings await your opponents with Andrew's latest combo deck made for murdering.
  • Steady Thrumming

    This week Andrew is all about Thrummingbird. Join him and go counter crazy by proliferating in Pauper.
  • Vengeful Wind

    You don't have to be a careful study to see how Andrew's latest combo is a powder keg of power to wield.
  • Inexorable Myth

    Rise tides lift all cards, so Andrew mixed Modern Masters 2015 Edition with Dragons of Tarkir to make his latest killer combo.
  • Top 8 Cards of a Johnny

    Great decks need good cards. Andrew reviews the best that his combos love to put to work.