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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jarvis Yu

    Gatecrash and Modern Bans

    Standard and Modern are both being shaken up by Gatecrash and bannings! Which decks are poised to take advantage?
  • Jarvis Yu

    Bant in Atlantic City

    How close did Jarvis get to the Top 8 in Atlantic City? One play. This is how Bant works.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Three Formats for MOCS QP

    Whether you play Standard, Modern, or Legacy, Jarvis has decks for all the formats.
  • Jarvis Yu

    B/U/G, Part 2

    Grand Prix Denver is this weekend, and Jarvis is ready for some Legacy action. Which BUG deck is best positioned?
  • Jarvis Yu

    Team Asia

    Fresh from a Legacy Top 8, Jarvis breaks down how his deck was built and plays.
  • Jarvis Yu

    Interview with Harry Corvese

    Harry Corvese is a competitor on the rise. Jarvis Yu is on the scene with the scoop.
  • Jarvis Yu

    R/U/G Versus Splinter Twin Overview

    Jarvis and Reid duke it out with more Modern decks: Delver and Twin!
  • Jarvis Yu

    Eggs, Infect, and Robots Versus Jund

    What beats Jund in Modern? Jarvis takes Reid Duke to task to solve the problem!
  • Jarvis Yu

    From San Jose to Seattle to Magic Online Standard

    So many formats, so little time! Get Jarvis's take on Modern, Standard, and Return to Ravnica limited!
  • Jarvis Yu

    Standard Decks for States

    Gear up for the showdown at States. Jarvis has the decks you need today for victory tomorrow!
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