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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Nalia Joins the Party

    Party up and join the fray as Mark builds around the new Party-focused legend from Commander Legends 2!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Kangee is For the Birds

    Continue his exploration of weird Tribal decks, Mark takes to the skies with Kangee, Aerie Keeper and his bird army!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Joining the Toluz Hype Train

    Toluz represents an interesting avenue for card advantage, and Mark wants to ride that train 'til the end of the line!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Draw-Go with the Glamourous Cormela

    Only the finest instants and sorceries will do for Cormela, and Mark is willing to oblige with a creatureless Commander deck!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Rigo's Scrappy Gang of Tokens

    Mark brings together a rag-tag group of tiny tokens under the leadership of New Capenna's resident Streetwise Mentor!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Commanding Tribal: Rogues with Anowon, the Ruin Thief

    Mark takes to the shadows and builds a rogue Tribal list around Anowon, the Ruin Thief!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Henzie Has the Right Tool for the Job

    Mark reaches into his toolbox to find the right cards to build around Henzie in Commander!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Commanding Tribal: Chulane, Teller of Tales

    Mark kicks off a new series, personalizing a Chulane Druid Tribal deck from Stephen Johnson!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    They Call Him Mr. Orfeo

    Mark revisits a favorite deck and gives it a new twist with The Riveteers own Mr. Orfeo!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Not Your Token Simic Commander Deck

    Mark continues his exploration of unconventional Simic Commander decks and lands on a sweet Token brew with Adrix and Nev!
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