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  • Thrull Devourers

    Andrew has an army to feed, and it combos out into a deck that destroys your opponents.
  • Mega Shapeshifter

    You'll flip out over Andrew's latest combo that piles the counters up quick.
  • See the Savagery

    Force of Savagery is a force to be reckoned with in Andrew's latest combo deck.
  • Murkfiend Reflection

    It's a dizzying array of copies and drawn cards that powers Andrew's latest combo masterpiece.
  • Penumbra Seclusion

    With the right creatures, Andrew breaks Dragons of Tarkir's Deadly Wanderings to break his opponents.
  • Impact of Gond

    This week Andrew shows you how big an impact Impact Tremors can really have in multiplayer.
  • Picks of the Week, 3/29/2015

    New rules, new promos, and Dragons galore! These are Team Gathering Magic's picks of the week.
  • Blood-Chin Nova

    You can be a drain on the table with Andrew's brew built around Blood-Chin Fanatic.
  • Picks of the Week, 3/22/2015

    Dragons, flavor, and more games that we know what to do with. These are our Picks of the Week.
  • Kin-Tree Persistence

    Anafenza is dead, but you can live forever like her with Andrew's latest Dragons of Tarkir combo.