Detective: L.A. Crimes Expansion
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  • The Best Deck in Legacy

    What is the current best deck in Legacy? Rudy has a good idea and he's ready to explain!
  • Haughty Heights of The Haunt of Hightower

    Bruce takes The Haunt of Hightower to lofty heights as he builds his latest Commander deck!
  • The Greatest Trick Dimir Ever Pulled

    Standard is in need of an answer to Hydroid Krasis, and Jim thinks it might be Dimir's time to shine!
  • Third Place with Simic Nexus

    Ali shows off the Simic Nexus deck he took to a third place finish at the SCG Classic Baltimore!
  • Adapting Winning Decks

    Adrian takes a promising new deck and puts it through the process of revision!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Build-Arounds

    Jason picks out some of the cards from Ravnica Allegiance that have him excited to build around!
  • Playing Standard Four-Color Gates

    Jeff shows his opponents the door, breaking down how to play the Standard Four-Color Gates deck!
  • Commander and Change: General Tazri

    Mark re-visits his old Maze's End Commander deck, giving the list a face-lift with some spicy new options!
  • Meet the New Boss

    Mike was all about Theater of Horrors in Standard, but can he find the right shell to make it work?
  • Finding the Best Deck in Standard

    Rudy looks at recent Standard results to figure out which decks sit at the top of the format!