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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Tapped Webcomic

    T:apped - S:wamped

    Another stunning issue of 'T:apped' has been released!
  • Tapped Webcomic

    T:apped - F:etched

    The friends now understand what is going on, but what will they do?
  • Tapped Webcomic

    T:apped - New issue 'S:crewed'

    Our heroes begin to realize that the world allows actual Magic cards to become real, what will they do to get home?
  • Tapped Webcomic

    T:apped Issue - Silenc:d

    Issue 12 of T:apped is up, now publishing on Wednesdays! Check out what happens when you cast Silence on your enemy... or your friend.
  • Tapped Webcomic

    New Tapped issue: Homeward Bound

    In this week's issue our heroes are readying to begin the journey home... or so they think.
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