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  • Revenge Strategy

    Some multiplayer strategies can cause social friction. How can you deal with Revenge Strategies?
  • Golgargle with Glissa

    Bruce has a problem, and the only solution is to pile on the Golgari goodness!
  • Thirteen Thankful Things

    A moment of reflection, and a series of thanks from Bruce.
  • A Multiplayer Guild

    What time Izzet? Bruce has multiplayer shenanigans to experiment with!
  • The Very Model of a Modern Masters Marketplace

    What does Modern Master mean for the average player? Bruce shares some insight.
  • Expense Awareness

    For Azorius week, Bruce has a deck that drowns opponents in red tape!
  • Faraway Lands

    These boots were made for walking across the multiverse.
  • Upping Your Immersion: Magic Podcasts

    Are you ready to listen to the rest of the story? These are the best stories to listen to across the entire Magic community!
  • Guild Pack Sealed

    Guild Pack Sealed. Best Limited format ever, or BEST Limited format ever?
  • Return to Ravnica Prerelease Photo Essay, Junior Edition

    The core of keeping Magic alive is inviting the new player. The average age of players at Bruce's Return to Ravnica Prerelease was just 12.