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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Darwin Kastle

    Don't Be That Guy

    How we handle ourselves is uniquely our own, but some personalities can be more disruptive than others. Darwin shares some of the ways players may be causing problems, and how to solve them!
  • Darwin Kastle

    More Than a Game — Magic: The Gathering; Side Effects May Vary

    While the dream of being a professional Magic player is alive more than ever before, it's a journey far tougher than many believe. Darwin shares his story, from starting Magic to the Pro Tour Hall of Fame and beyond!
  • Darwin Kastle

    The Science of Sideboarding

    Figuring out decks is hard enough, but your sideboard is often the deciding feature. Darwin shares some common questions, and uncommon answers, to sideboarding!
  • Darwin Kastle

    The Dangers of Playtesting

    Testing your decks is a vital element to competitive success. Darwin shares a story of where testing can go wrong, and why the right plan is often right in front of you!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Moving with the Metagame

    The results from Pro Tour Dark Ascension are all in, but Darwin's been working ahead for Standard. Is there room to move things further after the Ramp-win in Hawaii?
  • Darwin Kastle

    Dissecting Dark Ascension, Part 1

    With a two part take on Dark Ascension, Darwin drives through a series of options and ideas for Standard! Add these to your brew list going into the Pro Tour weekend!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Dissecting Dark Ascension, Part 2

    The second part of Darwin's breakdown on the potential and ideas, all-new thanks to the release of Dark Ascension!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Death by Mana (Or: How I Finally Beat Delver)

    Mana. What is it good for? Everything! Darwin breaks down his perspective on making the most of it, showing you a slick (and budget!) Humans lists to rock the current Standard metagame!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Building on a Budget

    Darwin doesn't sleep on a bed of non-sequential bills (yet). See how he tackles the same issues that face so many of us: a budget to play Magic, with a desire to win often too!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Back to Basics

    Delver of Secrets? In MY Red Deck Wins? Darwin explains why it's more likely, and far better, than you think! (With a bonus mono-white Humans deck!)
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