Heavy Metal Magic - Metal Dice Sets
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  • Tasigur's Treasure Hunt

    Tasigur, the Golden Fang and 81 lands. What is Andrew up to this week?
  • Whisperwood Reward

    Fate Reforged is bringing us now combo engines, and Andrew has one set for Whisperwood Elemental.
  • The Silent Tempest

    Final Fortune favors the bold, but will it favor Andrew and Shu Yun?
  • Manifest Dreadnought

    Manifest victory with Phyrexian Dreadnought and more thanks to Andrew's newest combo compilation.
  • Enduring Spiritkeeper

    Andrew is stocking his graveyard and overwhelming his opponents with Hallowed Spiritkeeper.
  • Atalya for Life

    Andrew can rebuild it. Stronger. Faster. More Commander than ever before with Atalya, Samite Master.
  • 1 Deck

    It may be all one-drops, but Andrew's new deck brings the casual counter chaos.
  • Carnival Extortion

    The Orzhov carnival is in town, and ready to extort your opponents for all they're worth.
  • Wake the Drake

    Wake the Dead. Win. There's a few more steps, but Andrew explains just how easy it is.
  • Beastmaster Blitz

    Can you become master of the attack Cats? Andrew has a plan to do just that.