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  • Upping Your Immersion: Magic Podcasts

    Are you ready to listen to the rest of the story? These are the best stories to listen to across the entire Magic community!
  • Guild Pack Sealed

    Guild Pack Sealed. Best Limited format ever, or BEST Limited format ever?
  • Return to Ravnica Prerelease Photo Essay, Junior Edition

    The core of keeping Magic alive is inviting the new player. The average age of players at Bruce's Return to Ravnica Prerelease was just 12.
  • Return to Ravnica: Multiplayer Edition

    Return to Ravnica is only hours away! Which cards are going to dominate kitchen tables and crush opposing Commanders?
  • (r)eturn to Ravnica

    Still not sure if the original Ravnica is the bee's knees? Bruce has even more awesome cards for awesome use!
  • Maximizing Your Return to Ravnica Prerelease Experience

    If you or a friend is heading to their first Prerelease with Return to Ravnica, Bruce has the primer for you!
  • GPs, Friends, and Birthdays

    The life of an #MTGDad may not be glamorous, but it's all upside for Bruce!
  • Sharing Our Obsession

    Magic has a high barrier of entry, both as a game and as a culture. What are some of the secrets and pitfalls of introducing new players?
  • Chowdah!

    A friend will join you for dinner. A best friend will cook it for you. See what Bruce put on the stove!
  • The Great Escape

    Sometimes Magic is much more than a game. It can be an escape; part of the healing process; a way to grow friendships and community.