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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jim Davis

    Casting Armageddon in Standard

    Jim wants to leave his opponents landless in Standard, teaming up Fall of the Thran and Ashiok, Dream Render!
  • Stephen Johnson

    MLD Atla Palani

    Stephen courts a somewhat controversial strategy in Commander: Mass Land Destruction with Atla Palani, Nest Tender!
  • Bruce Richard

    The Merzuri Experience

    Bruce puts some Commander 2015 cards to work in a way that was never intended!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Fandom Legends 1st Place Five-Color Golos with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali makes a run at Fandom Legends with his Five-Color Golos deck and takes down the whole thing!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Racking Modern

    Adrian sees the recent bannings as the perfect opportunity for Eight Rack to make a comeback!
  • Kendra Smith

    Pauper Premiere League Week 8

    The final week of the Pauper Premiere League is here! Who will stand victorious at the end?
  • Jason Alt

    Harmful Offering

    Jason latches on to some interesting tech based on Grismold, the Dreadsower from Commander 2019!
  • Jeff Hoogland

    The Modern Shake Up

    Jeff lays out his thoughts on the Modern bannings and shares some lists that could thrive in a post-banning world!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Battle of One: Grixis Artifacts

    Ali goes all in on artifacts in his latest Best of One venture on MTG Arena!
  • Royce Thigpen

    Transformers TCG: Attack of the Titans!

    Royce goes as big as you can go in Transformers: TCG by building a deck around the Titan Metroplex!