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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Abe Sargent

    Return to Ravnica Decks

    There are all kinds of awesome new cards from Return to Ravnica, but where do they fit in? Abe's got five lists that show off just how much these cards can do!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Speeding through Standard

    Gearing up for this weekend's championships? Darwin has a few more Standard decks you'll want to test yourself!
  • Bruce Richard

    Return to Ravnica Prerelease Photo Essay, Junior Edition

    The core of keeping Magic alive is inviting the new player. The average age of players at Bruce's Return to Ravnica Prerelease was just 12.
  • Inside the Deck

    The Return to Ravnica Prerelease

    It was the most anticipated event in 7 years. Inside the Deck went inside the midnight Prerelease for Return to Ravnica!
  • Matt

    Return to Ravnica Cube Set Review

    It's finally here: Our Return to Ravnica means we can return to updating our cubes. Kranny has the scoop in the latest episode of Joy of Cubing!
  • Max Sjoeblom

    Team Limited

    Team Limited is dead ahead at Grand Prix San Jose! If you've heading out to play, Max has a few tips for staying united through to victory.
  • Abe Sargent

    Top 10 RTR Cards

    It's a guild-stomping good time with the best that Return to Ravnica has to offer! Do you think Abe made the right calls?
  • Mike Cannon

    Not Quite Vanilla

    Welcome to Selesnya Week! Mike has your deck: Go find some converts!
  • Darwin Kastle

    Return to Red: Mono-Red in the New Standard

    Some players want to win, and some want to watch the world burn. Darwin is down for both.
  • Inside the Deck

    Return to Ravnica Review

    What are the best and worst cards in Return to Ravnica? Find out before your Prerelease as Inside the Deck goes inside Return to Ravnica!