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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    I Meld With You

    Eldritch Moon has brought with it all manner of new monstrosities. Can Jason meld them into a new 75% concoction?
  • Jason Alt


    Do you like to win? Today Jason explores how to win in all kinds of ways.
  • Jason Alt


    Mono-Black Commander? Yes please! A Kamigawa Legend is here to save the day!
  • Jason Alt

    Uncommonly Masterful

    Eternal Masters has plenty of hidden treasures for Commander, as Jason digs in!
  • Jason Alt

    Pardon the Intrusion

    Feel the artistry and bring the pain with Jason's latest Commander brew!
  • Jason Alt


    A sweet Eternal Masters mythic fuels this week's Commander deck!
  • Jason Alt


    Have your Commander decks gotten stale? Let Jason show you how to breathe new life in them!
  • Jason Alt

    Being of Service

    How to tackle The Rafiq Problem? Jason is here with a new build that does just that!
  • Jason Alt

    The Aufbau Principle

    What is the Aufbau Principle and how does it apply to Magic? Jason explains all!
  • Jason Alt

    Why We Don't Durdle

    Jason explores how sweet Yore Commander deck can be with 4-colors!
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