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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    No Business Like Snow Business

    Jason lets it snow on his opponents with a frosty, new commander from Kaldheim!
  • Jason Alt

    The Squirrel Deck that Wasn't

    We have a new legendary squirrel, but does it really lend itself to a squirrel-packed strategy?
  • Jason Alt

    (Don't) Get a Life

    Jason does something a bit different this week, offering a modular package of cards to use as you will!
  • Jason Alt

    The Los with the Most

    Jason won't let the opportunity to do something exciting with Archelos pass him by!
  • Jason Alt

    Teaching an Old Deck New Tricks

    Jason will never stop loving enchantments, but can he keep finding new ways to build with them?
  • Jason Alt

    Protect Ya Deck

    Protect your Commander strategy in style with Jason's tips for thinking three steps ahead!
  • Jason Alt

    Potatoes Are Back on the Menu

    Jason gets the last laugh now that he finally has the ideal Commander for pawning off hot potatoes!
  • Jason Alt

    Cards I Can't Wait to Play With From Commander Legends

    Commander Legends is packed with powerful cards and Jason is ready to talk about his favorites!
  • Jason Alt

    The Opposite of 75%

    Jason can't define the inverse of 75% Theory, but he knows it when he sees it!
  • Jason Alt

    Collateral: Part 2

    Jason continues his look at the things that make Commander players salty beyond belief!
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