Magic: The Gathering Skirmish Decks
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  • Ravnica Allegiance Build-Arounds

    Jason picks out some of the cards from Ravnica Allegiance that have him excited to build around!
  • The Old Ways Are Best

    Jason attempts to teach an old centaur new tricks with his sweet Gruul Commander deck!
  • How Does Orzhov Win the Game?

    Jason thinks about Orzhov's paths to victory in anticipation of Ravnica Allegiance!
  • How Does Simic Win the Game?

    Jason makes some changes to his Simic decks when he asks the question: How does Simic win?
  • Refinements

    Jason lets the cat out of the bag on the part of his deckbuilding process you don't get to see!
  • Guilds of Ravnica 75% Set Review

    Jason narrows the scope in his Guilds of Ravnica 75% Commander Set Review!
  • Being Nefarious Isn't Enough

    Jason gets multifarious as he goes outside his usual color preferences for a sweet 75% list!
  • Brudi C.'s Wild Ride

    As promised, Jason is back this week with his take on a 75% Brudiclad List!
  • Magic 2019 75% Set Review

    Magic 2019 is almost here, so it's time for Jason to do his 75% Review of the latest set!
  • 7.5 Thoughts from GP Vegas

    Jason is back from GP Vegas with several lessons he's learned in the ways of Commander!