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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    You Down with ETB?

    Jason stops avoiding the elemental in the room and builds around the newest Omnath!
  • Jason Alt

    Zendikar Rising Cards I Can't Wait to Play With

    Zendikar Rising packs plenty of punch, and Jason has some highlights he's looking forward to playing!
  • Jason Alt

    This Land is Your Land, This Land is Island

    Jason gets excited to build around a new Commander and certified member of the rogue's gallery!
  • Jason Alt

    All About that (Land) Base

    Take your pick of these helpful utility lands when building your next Commander deck!
  • Jason Alt

    Something to Beat You With

    Jason wants to trick opponents into handing you their own demise!
  • Jason Alt

    How to Not Get Dipped

    Jason goes all in on shrines with his latest Commander build!
  • Jason Alt

    Going Rogue-Like

    Stay one jump ahead of your opponents with this sweet Rogue-packed Commander deck from Jason!
  • Jason Alt

    That Fight Card from Jumpstart

    Jason is looking for a fight, and he's found the perfect Commander in Jumpstart!
  • Jason Alt

    Too Blessed to be Stressed

    Jason brings his machinations to bear as he breaks down his take on a 75% Emiel the Blessed Commander list!
  • Jason Alt

    The Detail's in the Devil

    Jason makes a deal with devils for his latest Jumpstart inspired Commander deck!
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