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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    Amonkhet 75% Set Review

    Jason breaks down Amonkhet, seeing what the latest set has to offer for 75% Commander decks!
  • Jason Alt

    The Return of Type 4

    Jason takes inspiration from formats of old to build a sweet new list with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons!
  • Jason Alt

    Doing Something Else

    With a bounty of new cards to brew around, Jason wants to do something new and weird!
  • Jason Alt

    Breaking the Cycling

    Jason breaks out the 10-Speed and puts the pedal to the metal with a sweet four-color Cycling Commander deck!
  • Jason Alt

    I'm a Fighter, Not a Lover

    It's a bear-knuckle brawl as Jason puts up his dukes and lays the smackdown in Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    Paradoxically Hot

    Jason brings back the Commander Heat Index and grills the format's worst offender, Paradox Engine!
  • Jason Alt

    To Infinity From Beyond!

    Jason attempts to appease Thromok the Insatiable with an offering of Modern Masters 2017 reprints!
  • Jason Alt

    Counter Signaling

    Jason weaves a web of counters and value with a Commander that's recently been the talk of the town.
  • Jason Alt

    Baby, You Can Drive My 'Kar

    Hop in and go for a ride in Jason's spin on one of the new legends from Aether Revolt!
  • Jason Alt

    Stop Trying to Hit Them and Hit Them

    Jason goes from one paradox to another with this Commander decklist that kills in surprising ways!
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