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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    The Expendable

    Jason continues his commitment to instants and sorceries by treating this new Commander like a spell!
  • Jason Alt

    The Other 75%

    Alternate interpretations of his flagship Commander theory have caused Jason to develop a new facet of 75%!
  • Jason Alt

    What We Learned about 75% Decks in 2021

    Jason looks back on another year of 75% Commander Theory and how it's shifted and evolved!
  • Jason Alt

    Don't Trade One Crutch for Another

    When avoiding the crutch of building tribal becomes a new deckbuilding crutch, Jason tries to even things out with a return to form!
  • Jason Alt

    The Thesis Enchantments of Crimson Vow

    It's time for Jason to roll up his sleeves and dig through Crimson Vow to find the best examples of a thesis enchantment!
  • Jason Alt

    Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

    Jason reaches back into the well to build around a pair of Commanders that originally escaped his notice!
  • Jason Alt

    Crime in Partners

    Jason has cooked up something unique for this pair of thieving partners from Crimson Vow Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    Always a Crimson Bridesmaid

    Unlike blood rain on your wedding day, it isn't at all ironic that Jason has a unique take on Olivia, Crimson Bride!
  • Jason Alt

    Thesis Enchantments for Crimson Vow Commanders

    Jason breaks down the Commanders from Crimson Vow and picks thesis enchantments that work for each!
  • Jason Alt

    You'll Seer if You Don't Blink

    Jason sees a lot of potential in a new Mono-Black Commander from Crimson Vow!
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