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  • Super Sneaky Two-Drop Red Deck Tech

    Mike highlights the latest Red Deck Tech for Standard before War of the Spark hits the scene!
  • Best of Three: Esper Legends

    Things get legendary as Ali tests out a sweet Esper build in Best of Three Standard!
  • Tribal Throwback Brews

    Mike prepares for War of the Spark with some Ixalan tribal flavors!
  • Standard Simic Thieves

    Ali gets ready to steal all your creatures with a sweet Standard Simic Thieves deck!
  • Acquiring Brews

    Mike takes a look at some powerful decks featuring Mastermind's Acquisition!
  • Battle of One: Ego Mill

    Ali puts his opponents' libraries to the grindstone in some Best of One with Ego Mill!
  • Becoming a Vampire in Standard

    Jim wants to be a Vampire, building around an Ixalan tribe that hasn't gotten a fair shake in Standard!
  • Sideboard 101: Looking at Mythic Invitational Best of One Lists

    Looking to jump from Arena Best of One to sideboarded Magic? Jim's got you covered, converting lists from the Mythic Invitational!
  • Early Dispatches from the War

    Adrian is taken by a new card from War of Spark and how it might fit into Modern and Legacy!
  • Standard Bant Control

    Ali keeps looking for new angles, this time piloting a Bant Control list in Arena Best of Three!