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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Allen Pennington

    Standard Azorius Control Primer

    You've got threats. Allen has all the answers in his Azorius control primer.
  • Allen Pennington

    Standard Golgari Constellation Primer

    Have an enchanting day of winning in Standard with Allen's latest deck.
  • Allen Pennington

    Legacy Counter Top Primer

    Gearing up for Legacy? Take a look inside it's venerable Counter Top deck with Allen!
  • Allen Pennington

    Legacy Affinity Deck Primer

    If you have an affinity for machines, Allen has a breakdown of the Legacy deck for you.
  • Allen Pennington

    Vintage Dredge Primer

  • Allen Pennington

    Modern Eggs Primer

    Somtimes you've got to crack a few eggs to kill your opponents. Allen shows you how.
  • Allen Pennington

    (Modern) Kiki Pod Primer

    Powerful creatures, limitless options, and plenty of ways to combo. Join Allen as he explores Kiki-Pod.
  • Allen Pennington

    (Legacy) Dredge Primer

    Turn your graveyard upside down with Allen as he explains what's in Legacy Dredge.
  • Allen Pennington

    (Standard) B/G Dredge Primer

    What makes B/G Dredge work in Standard. Allen explains it all through a Daily Event on Magic Online.
  • Allen Pennington

    W/B Midrange Primer

    What's in a deck? Allen breaks down what you need to know about W/B Midrange in Standard.
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