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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Sliver Overlord

    Of all the overlords out there, Andrew's is the one, true Sliver Overlord.
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge: New Slivers

    Do you enjoy altered Magic cards? Do you alter card yourself? This is one contest you don't want to miss!
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 – Winners!

    The votes are in. The judges's ballots have been cast. It's time to announce all of the winners from the Altered Reality Challenge #5!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Giant Shark Versus Mega Octopus . . . in 3D!

    The unhealthy draw of the Giant Shark is a mystery to those uninitiated to CommanderCast. Drew takes aim at a true chestnut of a card, but is there more blood in the water then he bargained for?
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 – Voting!

    The entries are in and it's time to vote! The Altered Reality Challenge rolls on with the public chance to choose!
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 - St. Valentine

    Do you have a love for altering cards? You can prove it in our 5th Altered Reality Challenge!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Token 3Ds

    While other alteration methods can result in new cards, Andrew's 3D tokens naturally lend themselves to creating original tokens that don't (yet) exist!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Altered Reality – 3D Zedruu

    This week Andrew tackles the Commander she-goat of Zedruu, take a look at what he creates!
  • Trick Jarrett

    Altered Reality Challenge #4 - Winter Wonderland

    It's time for the fourth iteration of our card altering competition! Take a look inside and see about trying your own alter out.
  • Andrew Sitte

    Top Ten Tips for 3D Alterers

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