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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Adam Styborski

    Why Gen Con?

    What makes Gen Con the best four days in gaming?
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Sliver Overlord

    Of all the overlords out there, Andrew's is the one, true Sliver Overlord.
  • Andrew Sitte

    1994 Cube

    Andrew's cube is a one-way ticket into Magic's past.
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Guru Completion

    How do you alter a set of Guru Lands? Andrews shows you why he was asked!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Mind Alteration

    This week's alter is especially mindblowing! Check out Sen Triplets in 3D!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Selesnyans

    Ach! Readers, run! It's the latest 3D alter from Andrew!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Combo in the 3rd Degree

    Andrew is back with a new 3D alter, and this one isn't for the faint of heart! Even the most combotastic Commanders struggle against Arcum Dagsson!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Returning to 3D Ravnica

    It's the triumphant return of our 3D alterer, who brought a classic Ravnica character to the third dimension!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Alternate Art 3D

    The amazing works of Andrew Sitte never cease to amaze. This week, that which has "protection from everything" is completely destroyed before being reborn!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Zur the Enchanter

    The stateside master of 3D alters is back, and this time it's a Commander commander nightmare: Zur!
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