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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Dying for the Sins of the Servant

    Jason talks about Painter's Servant and what potential, for better or worse, it has now that it's unbanned!
  • A New Meta for Pauper

    A Pauper Challenge has occurred post bannings, and Kendra is ready to break down this first look at the new metagame!
  • Goodbye Blue, Hello New Pauper!

    Kendra discusses the recent wave of Pauper bans and what it might mean for the format going forward!
  • The Cards that Should Really be Banned in Modern

    Jim Davis says Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings are fun and healthy cards in the Modern format… has he lost his mind?
  • Did You Know Magic: Banned & Restricted

    Reuben takes you on a tour of Banned and Restricted cards in the latest Did You Know Magic!
  • Cartel Aristocrats #128: Banned & Restricted

    Will the newest addition to the banlist throw Modern prices into chaos? The Aristocrats discuss the latest trends and developments in Magic finance!
  • January 15 Banned and Restricted Announcement

    The Standard Bans continue...
  • Modern Musings

    Jeff discusses the state of Modern and what cards he thinks should maybe be un-banned!
  • Banned and Restricted

    Another Banned and Restricted Announcement is nigh, and Ali has some thoughts on what may happen!
  • Drake Fall and a Mailbag

    Ding, dong, the Drake is dead! Alex talks about what the banning means for Pauper.