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  • Full Circle

    Jason gets a chance to help someone solve a problem he's long struggled with himself!
  • Brago, the Spirit of Christmas

    Bruce embraces a Brago list that's sure to get you into the spirit of the Holidays!
  • Convertible Commander: Brago, King Eternal

    Brago comes back to the battlefield as Mark revisits an old deck in this Convertible Commander!
  • Brago is Dead, Long Live Brago

    Kaladesh doesn't just inspire new decks, and Jason has a deck that gets a big boost from the new set.
  • Brago, King Eternal

    Blink and you'll miss it. Check out Steve Horton's take on Brago, King Eternal.
  • Puresteel Brago

    It's a Second Sunrise on one of Carlos's favorite type of decks. This time it's Brago in Commander bringing the combos.
  • Political Power

    Power, plays, and people: Jimi shares how his Commander group evolved full circle.
  • Brago, King Eternal

    Ripped right from Grand Prix Denver, CMDR Decks looks at Brago, King Eternal in Commander!
  • Brago, King Eternal

    Blink and you'll miss it! This is Substance D's take on the Brago, King of Commander.
  • 26 Decks in a Year, Episode 6: Azorius

    Mark begins exploring multicolor Commander with Brago's blinking bedlam.