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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Brendan Weiskotten


    As we bid Brendan a fond farewell, he reflects on his journey to a job in the gaming industry.
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Vorthos's Top 10

    What's the best of the rest? Brendan breaks down the ultimate guide to Vorthos must-reads!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Return Reviewing, Part 2

    This is the rest of the Vorthos review story for Return to Ravnica!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Return Reviewing, Part 1

    The flavor review for Return to Ravnica has begun! Grab the first part today, then hold on for tomorrow's finale!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Vorthos Deck-Building – Selesnya Standard

    It's time to dive into the ultimate Vorthos theme deck for anyone who claims to be one of the Selesnya!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Why Am I Here?

    Brendan has been producing Vorthos content for more than two and a half years. This week he's reflecting on how he got to where he is now, and asks you where he should go in the future!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Guildmaster Roundtable, Part 1

    Let the meeting of the minds commence! Every guild leader please step forward and announce yourself!
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Vorthos Deck Building – Rakdos Commander

    Pleasure. Hedonism. Glory. What the Cult of Rakdos embody, Brendan finds for a new Commander deck!
  • Brendan Weiskotten


    Every player is part of the Magic community. Brendan shares his experiences with the good, and bad, within our walls.
  • Brendan Weiskotten

    Lessons from Gen Con

    After an awesome experience at Gen Con, Brendan is reflecting on the lessons he learned.
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