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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Bruce Richard

    Theros Beyond Death: Keeping the Fun Alive

    Bruce looks back on another community Prerelease and reflects on one of his core Magic values: Keep the fun alive!
  • Bruce Richard

    Dropping Bombs with Pegasi

    Bruce calls in the airforce, finding ways to maximize the potential of his favorite card in Theros: Beyond Death!
  • Bruce Richard

    The Dawn of Disenchantment

    Enchantment numbers in Commander are about to go way up, and Bruce wants you to be prepared!
  • Bruce Richard

    You Can't Clone a Good Friend

    Bruce reunites with an old friend and tells a tale of Commander and cloning!
  • Bruce Richard

    Top Ten Commander Cards of 2019

    Bruce answers Abe's Top Ten list with a list of his own focused on the Top Ten Cards for Commander in 2019!
  • Bruce Richard

    Phoebe, the Great Eraser

    Unmander month continues as Bruce gets sneaky and steals the text boxes of opponents' creatures with Phoebe!
  • Bruce Richard

    Not that Baron

    Unmander month continues as Bruce breaks down a Rakdos deck that'll put opponents down for the count!
  • Bruce Richard

    Grusilda Really Brings Things Together

    Bruce continues celebrating Unmander Month, mashing things together with fervor in honor of Grusilda!
  • Bruce Richard

    Unmander Month: Ol' Buzzbark

    Bruce petitions to bring back Unmander month and kicks off the unofficial celebration with his Ol' Buzzbark deck!
  • Bruce Richard

    Your System, or Lack Thereof

    Bruce Richard is here to help you organize your collection with some advice on finding a system that works for you!