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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mike Cannon

    Cruel Control (Kinda)

    Forget inevitability. Mike's new take on control just gets his opponents dead in the cruelest fashion.
  • Mike Cannon


    Humans, Zombies, and everything in between. Mike's newest budget brew has it all!
  • Mike Cannon

    Rakdos Power

    Aggressive creatures, powerful equipment, and good removal. This is Exava's kind of party.
  • Mike Cannon

    Dimir Memory

    Big control. Small budget. Mike's newest brew strikes opponents where they least expect.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #7 – Modern Burn

    Mike is here to take a look at Modern on a budget, this week he looks at how well a mono-red burn deck can fare for your wallet and your record.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #6 – Pyromancer Ascension

    With another budget building, Mike Cannon explores Pyromancer Ascension, eager to see what it can do for players not wanting to break the bank.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #5 – Bant Pod

    Mike Cannon is back and this week he looks at building Bant Pod on a budget, is Birthing Pod the savior to players on a budget?
  • Brad Wojceshonek

    Under Preconstruction: Going Commando

  • Brad Wojceshonek

    Under Preconstruction: Precon Recon

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